Letters from Pastor Reed

Week of August 2, 2020

Hello Dear Friends,

I hope that each of you are enjoying life and coping with our recent heat. Before I left for vacation, I spent four weeks writing and speaking about the Core Values that our Board of Ministers has proposed. These Core Values are meant to help shape the journey we take moving forward in our life together. They will help shape ministries, priorities, and the way we do life together.

If you will recall we began presenting these Core Values to you in February. At that time, we asked you to read, pray, ponder, and write. We would love for you to use these steps to give us honest feedback. To this point we have looked at four: Three in One, Generations, Participation, and Transformation. Today, we will take a brief look at our fifth Core Value, Intentionality.

On Thursday, I spoke on this same Core Value during my Facebook-Live video. In it I looked at how the creation narrative in Genesis tells the story of a God who creates with intention, in an orderly fashion, because of his love for his creation. This God who acts intentionally is the same God we profess to believe in.

I am amazed by people who are naturally regimented. You know those people. The ones who seem to effortlessly maintain a routine that keeps them on course. I have to admit — I am not one of them. However, I have come to realize that being intentional about creating rhythms and goals in life help keep me on a path to follow Jesus more closely, being a better husband and father, friend, and pastor.

As a church we want to help people be intentional about how they live life. We want to make sure that people are following after Jesus and growing spiritually day in and day out. Not only do we want to help people live their faith more fully, but we want to be intentional about the plans we make about where the church as a body is headed.

Core Value: Intentionality

Statement: As God’s family, we believe that God has called us to live with intention. This means seeking God’s will together, rather than leaving things to chance. We seek to be a people who walk with one another in discipleship, prayer, and service.

Rationale: Life can be chaotic. We want to be a people who live in such a way that the intentional rhythms of life we establish help us to hold true to our understanding of belonging to God’s family, and purpose to accomplish God’s plan for our world.

Be Blessed,

Pastor Reed


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